Main Services


- Providing Products/Central Purchasing


The acquisition of goods and products today is more challenging than ever with more options and available suppliers in the world market. We are able to help you determine which options best suit your specific needs optimizing your purchase and maximizing your profit.

All our customers appreciate our attention to detail. With a deep communication and a persistent professional accompaniment, our team follows a high detailed and deep approach to processes. The results of our approach are successful transactions, with excellent rates and conditions, meeting the real needs and best interests of the client.

Put our knowledge and experience to work on your behalf. Our commercial team includes specialists of almost all industries and detains partnerships and commercial relations with other market leaders that lead to the total optimization of your purchase!


- Representing Service, Public Relations and Concierge


Our professional team, besides being composed by highly graduated and qualified elements, has access in traveling by plane at high competitive fares compared to normal passengers.

Combining this advantage to the great know-how and corporate culture to the full availability of these elements, you get an huge value service of international representation and public relations at an unbeatable cost.

How many times did you have to refuse a visit, meeting or simple market research because you didn't dispose of time or because the high cost of dislocation? With Smart Option you have the possibility to be represented in the best way possible, getting detailed reports about all the points you find relevant, not losing a single business and growing opportunity!

By having constant contact with various world capitals, we have knowledge and partnerships at various branches that result in an excellent concierge service that can be used to your advantage.

- Advertising and Merchandising 

We offer a wide range of advertising and merchandising solutions with high quality at market leading prices.


Since the creation and elaboration of ideas through the production and delivery to the final destination, we are market leaders in merchandising. With extensive experience in providing electoral campaigns and in promoting events and brands, we are in a privileged position to promote your brand, enterprise or idea!


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- Business and Interests Intermediation

The group to which Smart Option belongs, having business relationship with leading figures from the business and government of various countries, represents an added value in the implementation and feasibility of various business plans resulting being an excellent middle man to business and interests in several countries, specially Portugal, Angola, Dubai, Brazil, Chine and Mozambique.

So, do you have in mind any business idea or opportunity in any of this countries? Or need introduction in some way? Count on us to help make this idea materialized.