About Smart Option


Smart Option is an enterprise specialized in supplying products and services in order to meet the needs of enterprises and individuals, and also in representing goods and interests of enterprises and individuals Worldwide.

Smart Option belongs to a business and investment group that gathers several areas and activities in Portugal, Angola, Dubai, Brazil, China and Mozambique. Since general trading and supply of various products and commodities, through the supply of cars, their parts and diverse machinery, through the textile sector, through the marketing and merchandising, through the consulting and sale of aircraft and helicopters, through the sale of luxury boats and ending in Legal representation, we have business relations with virtually every top industries.

Our company is built on relationships. Through the trust we have developed with manufacturers and entities of various branches, to the excellent business and personal relationship that we have been getting with our customers, who are usually leaders of different branches, we can affirm that we are advantageously positioned to meet all kind of needs and requests of virtually all industries and interests.

We use these valued relationships to get the best possible deal and conditions and to mediate and facilitate new business and partnerships for our clients.

Our team has deep knowledge, skills and experience to help our clients in analyzing their activities and needs, present and future, identifying the best solutions to meet them and the best path to take.

Our main concern are your interests and your success!

Let Smart Option make this a safe and advantageous process.